Who Should Take the ICC G11 Contractor Exam? Everything You Need to Know

Who Should Take the ICC G11 Contractor Exam? Everything You Need to Know

Have you considered becoming a general contractor, but you're unsure of whether or not to obtain a contractor's license? Whether you're a licensed or a soon-to-be licensed contractor, an ICC certification is essential if you intend to expand your business to other states.

Most states in the Midwest region of the United States require one to obtain a general contractor's license at the municipal (city or county) level. Read on to know whether you should take the ICC G11 national standards general building contractor examinations and the benefits of taking ICC G11 exams and earning an ICC certification.

Who Should Take the ICC G11 General Contractor Exam?

The ICC G11 exam, also referred to as the ICC National Standard General Building Contractor exam, can be taken by anyone, but the exam is required for applicants looking to obtain a General Contractor's license in a state that licenses at the municipal level and requires applicants to supply proof of a passing National Standard examination score.

The International Code Council (ICC) oversees certifications and testing programs for construction professionals in the United States. The ICC G11 exam is based on the International Code Council References of 2018. All contractors from counties or cities that use the 2018 standard codes will refer to the ICC G11 exam.

Keep in mind that some states require pre-authorization before signing up for the ICC G11 exams. So, if you stay in states such as Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and others, reach out to the regulatory authority for verification. The verification will help you know whether the exam is required or accepted by your jurisdiction before taking the exam.

Information on whether ICC G11 Contractor exams are accepted or required can often be found on the city or county's contractor license application requirements. Alternatively, you can contact the city or county resources, including public works departments and the division for community development. Contractor license application requirements differ by city, and the town hall or any other central office should be able to supply you with this information.

Benefits of Taking the ICC G11 Exam

Proves or Demonstrates a Contractor's Competency in Their Field

The International Code Council examination serves as an independent assessment of your competency in the construction industry. The ICC G11 examination, therefore, provides you with credibility in your expertise.

No one wants to work with someone without proper expertise and licensing. That means you'll obtain a competitive advantage in the construction marketplace because most business owners and homeowners prefer working with licensed contractors.

Opens up New Business Opportunities in the Construction Field

Are you aware that a construction manager's job outlook is expected to increase by 11% by 2030? The growth is faster than average, meaning there'll always be many opportunities for contractors across the United States.

Once you pass the ICC G11 exam, you'll be awarded an ICC certification which is a necessary requirement for license applicants in many jurisdictions. Besides proving your credibility, an ICC certification opens up new opportunities and allows you to land higher-paying contracts. Clients are always willing to pay more if a contractor has the licensing that shows they know what they're doing.

Helps Maintain an Understanding of Current ICC Building Codes

The ICC works to educate construction professionals on proper safety procedures. For this reason, ICC examinations are crucial for any contractor across the US because they help contractors maintain an understanding of all the current ICC building codes.

Bottom Line

Passing the building code examinations demonstrates that a contractor is properly trained in the construction industry and can effectively apply the proper safety procedures to construction projects. However, signing up for the ICC G11 examinations in some US states requires pre-authorization, so ensure you inquire with your applicable state before registering. Contractor Training Center can help you prepare for your ICC National Standard General Building Contractor exam to become a licensed General Contractor in your area.

If you live in an area that requires the ICC G11 exam and you're looking to obtain a general contractor's license, get ready for the exam with Contractor Training Center's ICC G11 Exam Prep Resources found at Contractor Training Center. Get started today and get licensed!

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